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Dec 5, 2012

New Uchideshi Experience!

The Aikido Association of America (AAA) is excited to announce a new uchideshi experience in conjunction with Aiki Farms and City Aiki (Shoshinkan Dojo).  This program will immerse the student in traditional training in Aikido, Zen, Iaido, and Farming.  Another focal point of the program will be instructional methodology.

Both O-Sensei and Fumio Toyoda Shihan had roots in farming.  The founder was known to often say, “budo and farming are one.” 

The student will be required to split time living at Aiki Farms and  City Aiki.

Aiki Farms is a traditional Aikido dojo located on a growbiointensive farm in Ledyard, CT.    City Aiki is a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of Aiki Arts to men, women, and children. 

Robert Burns Sensei founded Aiki Farms in Ledyard, CT in 2001, bringing together his twin passions of Aikido and farming. Burns Sensei believes that the knowledge of cultivation and nutrition gained through farming significantly increases ones’ understanding of the depth and complexity of Aikido.  He was an uchideshi student of T.K. Chiba, Shihan, a direct student (uchideshi) of O-Sensei.

Rick Testa Sensei is dojo cho of City Aiki and a professional Aikido instructor.  He was long time deshi of Frank Gallo Sensei, who is the founder of Shoshikan Dojo and Eastern Regional Director of the AAA.

If you have inquires about this program, please contact the AAA Headquarter Office at (773) 525 - 3141 or via email with info@aaa-aikido.com.